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Optimized Application of Ultra High Performance Concrete in Bridge and Building Structures - Maher K. Tadros, Ph. D., PE

  • Tue, August 23, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Virtual

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Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) is an emerging class of concrete that has the potential to provide numerous benefits for buildings  and transportation structures because of its high tensile and compressive strengths, post-cracking ductility, and exceptional durability. These characteristics make it well suited to addressing the needs of state agencies, owner and designers throughout the USA. In recognition of the significant potential benefits in the use of this material, the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) funded a research project to foster implementation of UHPC in structural applications, and this research developed a specific definition of UHPC identified as PCI-UHPC.

In this 45 min. presentation  Dr. Maher Tadros will provide a definition of PCI-UHPC, production technology and structural design recommendations. Several project examples will be highlighted. Methods of structural optimization will show how to achieve economy initially and over the life of the structure. 

Maher K. Tadros, Ph. D. , PE, Bio:

Dr. Maher Tadros is an international authority in the design and technology of girders and precast/prestressed concrete structures. 

Dr. Tadros has built a reputation as an innovator and expert. Best known for developing the NU I-Girder, a system allowing bridges to have longer spans and shallower depths, which was followed by guiding the development of the Florida I Beam (FIB), the California Wide Flange and many other modern I beam shapes. He was also the creator of the inverted tee bridge system for rural short span bridges and the NU-Deck, a patented bridge deck system, allowing for rapid construction and long service life. 

At the 50th Anniversary of the Precast Prestressed Concrete Institute in 2004, Dr. Tadros was named “Industry Titan,” one of the 50 most influential persons in the 50-year history of the precast prestressed concrete industry. In 2017, Dr. Tadros was elected to receive the most prestigious PCI award, the Medal of Honor.

As an internationally renowned researcher, he is the author of 18 patents, one book, and more than 250 journal papers. His work has generated numerous awards including the prestigious T.Y. Lin Award, an award jointly given by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Concrete Institute and the Precast/Prestressed concrete Institute. Dr. Tadros has been recognized by NSPE as Engineer of the Year, and by ACI with the Tome Reading Achievement Award.

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